A sunny day with a light breeze. A huge playing hall, ironically filled with just a handful of players. Yet this small group consists of the strongest chessplayers in Norway. The favourite is three time NM Jon Ludvig Hammer who has even enjoyed a temporary membership of the 2700 club. Though his main rival, the young Aryan Tari could be called the favourite just as much. Unfortunately Simen Agdestein had to retreat, which is very sad for the quality of the Elite tournament. Unless, he would do something like commenting on games, which, thankfully, he actually does!

I would call the Grandmasters Urkedal, Christiansen, Lie and Arvola dangerous outsiders. But we never know, some of the other masters could have secretly spent 40 hours on chess for a year without telling anyone. Then I would call one of them the biggest favourite of course 🙂

From here you will see some in depth analysis of the most important games. The most time saving solution is to just post a link to chessbase. That is why I will kindly ask you to click the following link. I promise it is no spam!


A quiet start. Round 1: Elite Group

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