Somehow the rain is always comforting when playing chess. The sound of metal and water colliding a thousand times every second is somehow soothing. The feeling that you’re safe from the striking water, inside, doing sports, doesn’t that feel amazing. In such beautiful playing conditions it does not matter how bad your position is, it just does not matter.

The top boards in the elitegroup mostly thought about drawing except for Mikalsen and Hauge, they have played a tense game. Mikalsen was winning for some time after a very energetic opening, but he could not find a finish. Then in time trouble he commits a fatal mistake. Hauge picked up the fallen gems and snatched the full point. Hauge took the sole lead with 2/2. Details of this game you will find in the analysis section.

In the Mester group the fight for first place will probably be fought between three favourites on rating. Esben Even Andersen, Anders Hobber and Gunnar Lund. No big surprises in round one. Hobber showed some fine instructive attacking skill early in the game and scored a pretty win.

Another category with a lot of fighting chess is the Junior group. Ten players playing a round robin, and on the first day there were two surprising results. Daniel Nordquelle and Sondre Lillestøl Melaa did not get a lucky start. In a very wildly complicated attacking game Melaa did not find the way to the white King and lost. This spectacular game is also included.

Let’s hope the soothing rain washed away the bad taste of first round losses.

The games can be found here:


06-07-2019: A lot of rain and a lot of players.

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