Finally we were treated to an all 2600 game. Tari was playing White against Hammer. In a slow Italian game White still shows a lot of ambition, after misjudging a pawn weakness Hammer lands a very difficult position. Again, Tari’s games are very wild and again he got the best of the play. Very impressive sovereign lead after four rounds.

Tari is followed closely by Urkedal, who managed to catch his opponent in preparation. A seldomly played move-order tempted Haldorsen to take a semi-poisoned pawn. This game is really a positional masterpiece, anyone who would like to study the theme Knight versus Bishop will have a great lesson prepared.

In the 65+ class we saw Stake-Larsen taking the shared lead with a pretty game. A standard sacrifice which never gets old.


08-07-2019: The 2600+ showdown

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