Not every article can be about Aryan Tari. That’s not the way the world works. And Kristian Stuvik Holm is giving me a great excuse to write about something else. With a 5/7 score and a 2493 average rating he is getting very close to a GM norm. With draws against Notkevich and Tari he did great business. Even though Holm had the best of the game against a shaky Tari who was surprised by a Pirc!

Holm has done great business today by beating Benjamin Haldorsen. Which means that most probably he only needs to get one point out of two games. Unless he would like to win the title of course, because as from today he is only half a point behind leader Tari who drew against Notkevich. Together with Urkedal on half a point distance as well.

This means we will see an exhilarating finale to the NM. Let’s hope we will see high quality of fighting games!


GM norm for Holm?

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