Surprise Prize: the rotten get what they deserve

Often there will be a beauty prize in a tournament. Or even a prize for the most spectacular games. Maybe that is something which will happen in this tournament as well. Personally I would like to do something more special. Because there are so many categories it almost seems that there is a category for everything.

I can lie awake at night thinking about the worst moves in my career. But even worse than bad moves are bad plans. A plan which willingly sets off towards disaster without seeing what is coming is much worse than one bad move.

Fortunately there is Karma, where you will be compensated for the bad luck you have experienced. A great prize will await you, even though from our side the prize might involve some bad plans as well.

In order to get good Karma, I just need you to tell me the game and the position. But more important it is okay to confess to me what you were thinking. Before the last round I will hope to have several nominees to receive good karma.

How can you reach me? Well send a picture of your game to and a panel of experts will take it into consideration.

As an example I have the following plan.

With Black to move there is a tall guy wearing glasses on a happy face. He knows he is better, and thinks a lot about how he is going to capitalize on his better position. Arguably, this is where it all went wrong. Of course he should just take two pawns with 1…axb4 and not try to find anything fancy. But, he liked to play for the g-file, definitely he can be very active there. He played 1…a4 to switch play to the g-file. Until his beautiful plan met 2.Rg1. The game ended in a draw, and the Black player repeats this story often in the bar whenever he likes to show how bad of a player he is. I am happy he can laugh about it, and now we can do too, haha.

Game of the day: 6-7-2019

With the top boards ending in draws, and the only win in the Elite group coming from the Berlin endgame I think they should accept that there is more to chess than the elite group. A full hall of colourful chessplayers, lots of different strategies. Lucky ones and unlucky ones.

The game I have chosen was a wild mess in Klasse 4. Play through it and decide for yourself what is more exciting: riding a fast motorcycle or handling opposite coloured Bishop middlegames.


A quiet start. Round 1: Elite Group

A sunny day with a light breeze. A huge playing hall, ironically filled with just a handful of players. Yet this small group consists of the strongest chessplayers in Norway. The favourite is three time NM Jon Ludvig Hammer who has even enjoyed a temporary membership of the 2700 club. Though his main rival, the young Aryan Tari could be called the favourite just as much. Unfortunately Simen Agdestein had to retreat, which is very sad for the quality of the Elite tournament. Unless, he would do something like commenting on games, which, thankfully, he actually does!

I would call the Grandmasters Urkedal, Christiansen, Lie and Arvola dangerous outsiders. But we never know, some of the other masters could have secretly spent 40 hours on chess for a year without telling anyone. Then I would call one of them the biggest favourite of course 🙂

From here you will see some in depth analysis of the most important games. The most time saving solution is to just post a link to chessbase. That is why I will kindly ask you to click the following link. I promise it is no spam!


Bulletinen pĂĄ engelsk??!!?

Hi! You must be wondering why most of this website is in Norwegian, and this text is in English?

Well, it is because your reporter for this tournament did not learn perfect Norwegian yet, hence it will not be the best way to communicate, just in case you would not like to be misrepresented in the reports of your games.

Why ask a Dutch person to comment on the NM?

Well the top group this year is incredibly strong, in order to get you high quality news and analysis we just had to ask someone from below the Skagerrak. The Dutch IM David Miedema is of course not able to play here, so he will try and follow as many games as possible, throw them into a funnel and let the games that are best, most spectacular, extremely dramatic or simply brutal come out to share with you. I hope this answered your question.

What can I do to get famous? I want to get into the bulletins!

Of course the bulletin will give you a lot of fame and yes, I feel your wish to shine. Okay, let me propose you something. Of course the best players will get plenty of praise and space in the bulletin, but everyone can be in it! You can give your game to me if it was beautiful or if you have learned a lot. If you are extremely happy or if you would like to cry, just hand the game to me and you might be in it.

So who is this David Miedema guy?

Ok now we know what he looks like.

David Miedema is an IM since 2009, he gained the title at the Dutch championships while getting the sixth place. Other big tournaments he has shared first place are Neckar open in 2010 (this was like Grenkechess, but a bit weaker), Limburg open and HSG open in 2013. David is also a chess trainer and coach who authored his first book on the French Defence in May 2019. He is currently training for the GM title and has one norm.

Anything special?

Of course! Often chess beauty makes you look like you have just seen the stars in the skies. On the other side there is also chess ugliness, and that is what I would like to look at in this tournament. I will be looking for the worst plan in the tournament. A plan which will make people hit themselves while cringing their toes and making a face like they just ate a whole lemon. Do not worry, it is not to mock anyone, it is to show that anyone at some times is able to have huge mistakes in their line of thought. And those mistakes can be very very funny. Just don’t do it on purpose, I do not encourage that. I only encourage learning more about this beautiful game called chess.

So, good luck, and see you in the bulletin!